Seminars & Meetings

We would welcome an opportunity to come and speak anywhere.

We will go anywhere, the Holy Spirit Leads. No place too small or too large.

Upcoming Seminar

Past messages

  • Are You Safe from Evil?
  • Authority and Power Given by Christ
  • Becoming a Prayer Warrior
  • Behavior Training Using God's Word
  • Being Set Free from Past Trauma
  • Evangelism (How to Share the Gospel)
  • God's Protection for You
  • God's Remedy for Infertility
  • Hiding God in Your Heart
  • Homeschooling
  • How to Create Disciples
  • How to Witness
  • Introducing Your Child(ren) to Christ
  • Jehovah-Rophe Meetings
  • Living a Life of Grace
  • Living a Life of Love
  • Prayer - The Heart of God?
  • Small Groups (Starting & Leading)
  • Teaching Your Child(ren) Obedience
  • The Combat Zone -Your Mind?
  • The Heart of Fasting
  • The Transforming Word of God
  • Walking in Faith & Truth      

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